In 2022 everything starts with an email

We are surrounded by digitalizm. Internet, mobile phone apps, Internet of Things, communication, gaming, reading ebooks, watching series on Netflix or any other platform, checking news social media and so on and on and on. The list continues, and continuous. A lot of places require creating account to be able to enjoy its full content and there you will need an email account. That is why – everything starts with an email, and to be more precise – with an email account.

Maybe you use one already for your work, school or other group, but what about your personal one? Many general accessibility websites, such as yahoo for example, offer creating email account option, but many services specialise purely in email. In 2022 there are several options to create a free email account. In this post I will introduce you to some of the most popular once.

  • Hotmail / Outlook
  • Gmail
  • GMX
  • AOL
  • Yahoo
  • iCloud

There of course many more available, but we would want to focus on those six as those seem to be the most popular ones. They all have their pros and cons. We have tested and researched them on various points to make sure you will be able to chose the best for yourself.

Hotmail has been the longest on the Internet market. It was created in 1996 and it has been going through some changes it is still one of the best known free mailing services. It contains 15GB storage space and if you subscribe to this service you will have access to free online version of some of the features from Office suite: word, excel, powerpoint, one note, skype, etc. Even though they do not have all functionality as paid versions, they are still very good quality. Considering the fact that office files are the most popular in the companies across the world, even for that option it would be wise to consider. Main advantage is that 15GB of your email space is exclusive your documents saved via office functionalities.

It has a bit outdated layout, but it is still quite intuitive. Disadvantage is, that if you would like to use it with some other language then English, you cannot really adjust the settings from the position of the account. Furthermore, few years ago, hotmail was considered as unsafe email, therefore a lot of companies blocked it and people with hotmail email address were considered less aware about what is going on in digital world.

Gmail has been available a little bit shorter than hotmail, but it quickly outgrew hotmail. I still remember when it was available in beta version and you could only create an account there if you received invitation from someone. It was created by google team and big advantage is that if you are logged in to your gmail account, you have right away access to all Google services such as photos, drive, blogspot, etc. It offers 15GB of email space, but it calculates available space across all its services. Attachments within email can be up to 25MB, and if you would like to send bigger files, you will need to upload it first to Google Drive and share the link.

It has very clean design, you have chat functionality from the browser, and if you adjust interface language, it will be used across all the services. It has also great filters, and in the browser you can set up your inbox in such way that you will have separate tabs for important emails, social media, newsletters, etc.

GMX is not very well known outside of Germany, but is definitely worth considering. It offers some option for working on documents similar to Office options connected with Hotmail or to Google Drive, but what makes this email service to stand out is its storage of 65GB, possibility of creating 10 alias emails from the same login option, and it has function of email collector, which allows you add various email accounts from different providers, and from the browser you may have access to all your email accounts just like you would be using an email client.

AOL used to be best known email service in United States. Even though it has a lot of advertisements within email window, it is definitely worth considering due to unlimited storage. Yes, you are reading it correctly – unlimited storage, you can have as many terabytes of emails in your account as you want.

Yahoo email is connected with one of the most popular news websites. It offers also quite a substantial amount of storage – 1 terabyte, but there are some small disadvantages which might be quite irritating: a lot of advertisements within the email tab and account gets deleted if you do not use it for a year. You will still be able to recover account after this time, but all your data from the email will be gone.

iCloud might be least interesting option from the ones proposed here, but it might be worth considering if you have apple devices. This email has quite limited storage, but it lets you connect all your apple devices across each other.

As mentioned earlier, there are many many more, however we have chosen the most popular ones, and the ones which might offer very specific functionalities. Whichever email service you decide to use, make sure to remember your password and are good to dive further into our digitalised world.

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