Just another blog about social media…

but is it only?

As a student of Communication Management while doing a research to my social_networks_logosdissertation I came across many interesting websites, blogs, twitter accounts, YouTube movies regarding social media and social networking. I have also read many interesting and fascinating books on the subject but the knowledge was so widely spread that it took me plenty of time just to find accurate, straight forward and understandable information. And this is where the idea for this blog was born.

I will try to explain what social media is and how to implement it as effective marketing tool for all kind of advertising campaigns. I will also try to lay out how to create Facebook business pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube channels, blogs; how to maintain them and how to reach the biggest audience and keep it interesting.

Visit this blog for small tutorials as well as tips and tricks and in case of any additional questions or doubts do not hesitate to leave a comment or drop me line at

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